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Music For Kids By Kids
Why Music For Kids By Kids


Children are, by nature, imaginative, passionate, and creative. If this creativity is nurtured and encouraged early on, it will continue to flow. If not, it will eventually become blocked. Parental expectations, peer pressure, rigid learning formats in school, over-scheduling, lack of free time, a culture that emphasizes competition and numerous other elements combine to create a gradual inner closing down. Eventually, the child's joy of self-expression is so severely inhibited that by high school it may cease to exist altogether. True learning is motivated and facilitated by joy and passion. Force-feeding is a deadly turn-off.

For any number of reasons, (see "The Young Piano Student - a guidebook for parents and teachers")the majority of kids don't make it through the first year of two of piano lessons. Often it is the most talented ones who drop out earliest. The approach suggested in Music For Kids By Kids not only fosters a joyful and exciting atmosphere for the effective learning of musical skills, (ear-training, technique, notation, harmonic language, theory, musical expression and performance) but also teaches the student the rewards of following through on a creative endeavor from original inspiration to a final product that can be shared with fellow musicians, family, friends, and the community.

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