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Music For Kids By Kids
Cool Links


These sites offer some valuable learning and notation resources for kids who want to do some musical exploration. Some of them claim to be able to teach the user how to play an instrument online. While we at music for kids by kids do not think that anyone can really learn how to play an instrument without a good teacher and a "real" (acoustic) instrument, these sites have numerous other features which are worth checking out.

An online store featuring an excellent collection of over 1,000 books, audios, and videos for teachers and musicians of all ages. Also music-related items such as instruments, games, teaching aids, posters, multimedia kits, awards, stickers, incentives,T-shirts, ties, socks, mugs, and more.

Find a qualified piano teacher near you and more!

Learn facts about composers, the periods, and other fun facts. You can also down load several pieces of sheet music for free.

This is a great source for discounted sheet music