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Music For Kids By Kids

Here is the Table of Contents for The Young Piano Student - a guide for parents and teachers




part one: for the Parents
1.1 Whether and when to start lessons
1.2 Realistic goals: short term and long term
1.3 Giving your child a head start
1.4 An appropriate instrument
1.5 Practical considerations: costs, frequency & length of lessons
1.6 Choosing a teacher
1.7 What to expect from the teacher
1.8 Supporting the teacher
1.9 Supporting the student: making music part of your life
1.10 Daily music making: fostering & maintaining motivation

part two: for the Piano Teacher
2.1 Supporting the parents
2.2 What to expect from the parents
2.3 Principles and goals of good teaching
2.4 Skill assessment and custom tailoring
2.5 The lesson: teaching how to learn
2.6 Teaching musicianship: an integrated approach

part three: Troubleshooting (in progress)
3.1 Guidelines
3.2 Motivational problems
3.3 Attention and behavioral issues
3.4 Family problems
3.5 Student-teacher issues
3.6 Rescuing the "damaged" student
3.7 Discontinuing lessons: when and how

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Chapter 1.1:Whether and when to start lessons

Chapter 1.2: Realistic Goals - short term and long term

Chapter 1.3: Giving your child a head start

Chapter 1.4: An appropriate instrument

Chapter 1.5: Practical considerations: costs, frequency and length of lessons

Chapter 1.6: Choosing a teacher

Chapter 1.7: What to Expect From the Teacher