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Music For Kids By Kids
Chapter 1.7: What to Expect From the Teacher

In addition to a professional level of musical skill and experience, you should expect of the teacher:

o A contagious passion for music.
o A friendly, positive and nurturing attitude toward the child.
o The complete absence of blaming or guilt-inducing language or behavior.
o Focused and effective teaching.
o A clear and consistent payment and cancellation policy. A written statement from the teacher is often desirable at the start of lessons to avoid future misunderstandings.
o Advance warning of lesson cancellations or rescheduling.
o Punctuality and reliability.
o A neat and professional appearance.

If lessons are at the teachers studio:

o A comfortable and well-lit teaching environment.
o Quiet and undisturbed time for the length of the lesson.

Consider changing teachers if yours:

o does not show a passion for music or teaching.
o does not have the time to discuss your childs musical progress with you.
o is scattered and unfocused during the lesson.
o shows up consistently late, or misses appointments without notification.
o acts unprofessionally in any way.

Guidebook for Parents and Teachers