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Music For Kids By Kids

I am seven years old and in first grade. My first piano teacher was mommy. I got interested in taking piano lessons from Jan when my friend Julia started lessons last year. I like writing songs on the piano and I want to be a composer when I grow up. I am working on my own book of compositions. Some of my first compositions are in the book "In My Den" (MFKBK vol. 15).

My favorite composers are Bach and Mozart. I am learning to play Sonata in D (for 4 hands) by Mozart with my mom. We have a DVD with Martha Argerich playing the same piece with one of her friends and it is really cool.(See "MFKBK recommendeds" page). I also like to play "Canons Away" by Jamie because I like the way it sounds and I like playing the sixteenth notes.(MFKBK vol. 6 "China Flowers"). I also like playing the D scale.

I have a sister named Emily and a brother named Benjamin. Other things Ilike to do are reading and writing stories and being with my grandparents.

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